Thursday, 29 March 2012

Teenage Heartthrob

Palmz - Teenage Heartthrob

I’d keep loving flowers though I know they’d be withered.
You’d keep loving stars and moon though they’d slip away by the morning.
We’d keep loving each other though we know that one of us
would be gone someday
Do you know why so many people get so miserable when the rain’s falling?
That’s because love is also a cycle.
How a stranger comes and turns into a lover,
Then lover would be gone away
And turns into a stranger eventually.
Sadly feel the happiness.
Maybe I’ll burry you deep in silence heart
Not in this world that would never understand.

p.s: terimakasih, 100 hari yang menyenangkan sekali. seperti bertemu dengan tokoh dongeng yang hanya ada dikepala saya, tomat dan ketimun.