Monday, 31 August 2009

my brain says go out with me would you

what if i glance in to the dark,
followin' your light, and blur to the shine..

what if i dance, follow the heartbeat when i spell your name,
and movin' around your melody.

what if i sing, enjoying your illusion on me,
when you say my name, even you say it with a lot of disdain..

what if i walk through your way,
enjoyin' the grief you made in my page,
when i believe in your sight is my relief..

what if i stand still,
hoping in your world, even i know it just a vain..

what if i cry, tearing holes in me on your word.
even i know it just another lie on me..

what if i surrender, left it all behind.
even i know, i'll take a look on it every 5 second i have..

what if i too in love to let you go,
but wishing her to see you as i do through His eyes..

thx for today,
isti yang lagi p, mikir panjang.
hahahaha apeu -,-a!

p.s : ternyata saya juga cemburuan hahahaha!
thx god saya invis.
seneng bisa denger lagi.
oh iya, through His eyes yang terakhir maksudnya,
cara tuhan liat manusia itu sama kayak manusia yang lagi fallin in love sejatuh-jatuhnya, gt hahaha
(dpt dr film jim carrey)

blankmoment : ditarik wanita wanitaku, mereka bilang, ada i spy

lesson of the day : diam dititik kordinat (0,0) ternyata mengeluarkan energi yang lebih besar